Financial forecasting, reporting and commentary at scale – Our LSA Synergy case study

Synergy gave LSA (Lifetime Support Authority) financial forecasting, reporting, commentary and interactive analysis at scale. This translated to astounding business benefits such as: Effective low latent financial reporting Lesser reliance on IT to manage reporting structure Saved huge reporting and analysis effort Commentary  to contextualise data that follow the analysis for life Auditing and workflow Etc….

Introducing Exposé’ Local Government Package

Based on exposé’ experience within Local Government, our Visualisation Proof of Concept Package is designed to assist in the creation of a visualisation solution which can demonstrate the power of business intelligence to your business and citizens. expose-local-gov

Is the Data Warehouse Dead?

I am increasingly asked by customers – Is the Data Warehouse dead? In technology terms, 30 years is a long time. This is how old the Data Warehouse is – that makes the Data Warehouse an old timer. Can we consider it a mature yet productive worker, or is it a worker gearing up for…

Visualisations are the new black

This is the 3rd in a series of 3 articles: First we looked at Colouring with Numbers – can data present a better picture The second showed how a story is worth a thousand visuals Now we conclude with how Visualisations are the new black   In my last blog “A story is worth a thousand…

Test drive AWS QuickSight

As part of our commitment to deliver the best possible business outcome for our Advanced Analytics customers, we ensure that we remain across the technologies that enable us to deliver such outcomes. This test drive of AWS’ QuickSight BI tool and its underlying parallel processing engine (SPICE) is part of that commitment to our customers and…

A story is worth a thousand visuals

Any report can contain information. It’s relatively easy to just place random visualisations together to display information from a multitude of data sources. But without context or structure does this add any value or provide a better experience for the report reader?

Synergy Reporting

The Synergy Solution assists organisations with accessing their people, finance and operational data at any time, in any place and on any device in order to make informed business decisions without the need for static reports and reliance on IT. Download the brochure here: synergy-brochure

The battle of the AMLs – Amazon Machine Learning Vs Azure Machine Learning

As machine learning has become more accessible to businesses and the number of products currently available has risen in the market, the question is regularly asked of us as leaders in data and analytics to recommend, or at least provide insight, into some of those products.  Machine learning has become more accessible and there are…

From watercooler discussion to corporate Data Analytics in record time

For those who have been involved in conventional Business Intelligence projects you will be all too familiar with the likely contiguous chain of events and the likely outcome. It typically goes something like this: The idea is incubated by someone (very often this would be within ICT), a business case for a project is written,…

Strategic Segmentation

Preface Market segmentation is a common practice in marketing and sales in order to better understand – and therefore be better able to target – customers. This same principle, though, can be applied to any business problem where the division of a diverse population into sub-populations based on similarities (or differences) would be advantageous. Fortunately,…