Our YouTube channel

We have a growing list of videos on our YouTube channel where you can find some selected case studies, test drives and solutions. Hopefully it helps you get an inside look at the world of Smart Analytics (Advanced Analytics, Cognitive Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented- and Virtual Reality, IOT and Business Intelligence). Feel free to subscribe…

Chatbots – how the Azure bot framework is changing the AI game

Authors: Chris Antonello (Data Analytics Consultant, Exposé) & Etienne Oosthuysen (Head of Technology and Solutions, Exposé) What are bots? Communication underpins intelligence. And language underpins communication. But language is complex and must be understood through the prism of intent and understanding. For example: Take the term, “thong” – in Australian slang this means flip-flops, a meaning lost…

2017 Year in Review

Here are some highlights from a big 2017. Thank you to all our customers, and our awesome team. Feel free to get in touch to see how we can assist you. Kelly – Head of Sales, Marketing and Partnerships kelly.drewett@exposedata.com.au Etienne – Head of Technology and Solutions etienne.oosthuysen@exposedata.com.au

Disrupting the banking market

This video shows a comprehensive solution geared around disruption in the Banking market, from transactions through to advanced analytics. The viewer meets 3 different customers, their challenges and how the bank responds to them.