Financial forecasting, reporting and commentary at scale – Our LSA Synergy case study

Synergy gave LSA (Lifetime Support Authority) financial forecasting, reporting, commentary and interactive analysis at scale. This translated to astounding business benefits such as: Effective low latent financial reporting Lesser reliance on IT to manage reporting structure Saved huge reporting and analysis effort Commentary  to contextualise data that follow the analysis for life Auditing and workflow Etc….

Get more from your Retail data with Predictive Analytics

This case study showcases our solution that allows Sales and Marketing to match customers to the products they are most likely to buy through predictive analytics. This case study is just as relevant today as it was just shy of one year ago when we created it. Combining this solution with Cognitive Intelligence such as facial recognition…

Better Client Care with IoT – Our Eldercare case study

Utilising Internet connected devices and real time Advanced Analytics, we created a solution that provides better client care, a reduction in cost, time and potential health risks. See the full case study here: exposé case study – Eldercare

Student Attrition – Our Higher Education case study

A reporting solution that enabled an education provider the ability to identify student attrition rates, monitor potential student attrition causes and predict students who are likely to withdraw in the future. See more deatils here – exposé case study – Higher Education Provider

Can you predict if a student will drop out? Yes!

Our case study on a Higher Education Institution and the 360 degree student attrition solution we designed and developed. An intelligent way to understand attrition in the past, and using that to predict attrition in the future. It allows the institution to foster relationships at risk students, before the event, ultimately decreasing attrition and avoiding…

From operational challenges to a modern, automated and simplified organisation – Our Business SA case study

An Exposé case study around our advanced analytics solution for the ‘voice of business in South Australia’,  Business SA. The solution was an important component of a large digital transformation program that saw Business SA transition to a modern, automated and simplified organisation which was underpinned by the following technology changes; • A cloud-first strategy which…

Provision of an Advanced Analytics and Big Data Platform – RAA

An Exposé case study around our advanced analytics and big data solution for RAA that allows for the acquisition and blending of large volumes of fragmented geospatial data, transforming it using massive processing capacity, using predictive analytics to assess the risk of millions of properties, and providing interactive and geospatial visualisations of the blended data and…

Disrupting the banking market

This video shows a comprehensive solution geared around disruption in the Banking market, from transactions through to advanced analytics. The viewer meets 3 different customers, their challenges and how the bank responds to them.

Strategic Segmentation

Preface Market segmentation is a common practice in marketing and sales in order to better understand – and therefore be better able to target – customers. This same principle, though, can be applied to any business problem where the division of a diverse population into sub-populations based on similarities (or differences) would be advantageous. Fortunately,…